Seamlessly monitor side letter provisions across portfolios

Side Letter Vault™ is the first-ever database which specifically enables fund managers and institutional investors to seamlessly track the terms of their side letters.

Our software automates a tedious process and makes monitoring and complying with legal requirements safe, easy, and effective. After entering contract terms into the Side Letter Vault™ system, multiple users can search, filter, and download specific terms across documents, eliminating the hassles of managing your side letter provisions.

As an added advantage, if your organization doesn't have the resources, our team will build out your side letter database for you.

Our Software

Our user-friendly software enables funds to track the terms of their subscription documents and side letters.

Key Features:
  • Centralized location for terms
  • Custom searches across multiple documents
  • Multiple users access
  • Secure documentation storage
  • Efficient document retrieval

Our Services

No time to enter the terms of your side letter? Hire us to build out your database.

Our team will enter side letter terms into our tracking system.

Easily keep track of:
  • Most favored nations rights
  • Special redemption rights
  • Fee concessions
  • Notice requirements
  • ESG mandates
  • Investment restrictions

Contact SLV to see how you can:

Lock down your agreements today

Monitor legal requirements in a scalable way

Engage our experts to build out your Side Letter Vault™ database

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